Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday Fun; Holi & Shopping

This weekend my school held a Holi Celebration, which is an Indian tradition where you wear white and throw colored powder at each other. I had a team meeting for my management class and then headed over to Holi right afterwards.
 Me & My friend, Yunc
A lot of people came for the event. I had to kick, punch, and shove people just to get more colors. Jk, but not really.
Yours truly at her finest

Anyways, I stayed for most of it..and it was pretty fun. The same thing is.. I actually liked the white shirt that I bought lol. I got it just for the event but actually like it. 

After Holi, my friends and I went to clean up and shower. There was a minor incident in the bathroom, but I won't talk about that :'( 

After my friend and I went shopping with my roommate :D
Like almost half a year later, I FINALLY got the chance to go to Sally's to buy my hair dye. I did some last minute research and opted for Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener and their 30 volume Sensitive Scalp developer. For toner, I got Wella Medium Beige Blonde T27. 

I think I've mentioned before that I want to go blonde at least once or something while I'm still at the appropriate age. 
I also went to VS to get the latest PINK dog :') It's a Red Sox one. They came out with a line of nail polish recently, and I picked up the shade "Tantalize," which is a nude shade. I also picked up polishes at Sally's.. I'm surprised to see the Glitz Blitz 'n Pieces polishes already marked down..especially because the display was still up lol. I also got a Tranzitions polish.. It was B2G1 free hehe :)
I couldn't debate between the nude or the shimmery white flats at Aldo's. I ended up getting neither :X I had a leaning towards the nude ones, but the white ones were cheaper.. so I couldn't decided. After a while I did like the white ones, but something about white shoes were kinda weird, Idk. 
Image from
I really liked this wristlet D; It was $29.90, and it was such a shame that the $15 off $30 couldn't work. That's just how they get to you. :'( So I didn't get it because I didn't think it was worth $30.

After shopping, we went to get sushi. I treated my roommate because I lost a bet D;

To end the night, we went to visit a friend's dorm and stayed for a few hours before heading back out separate ways. It was really relaxing and it was nice to see everyone again. 


  1. OMG..the event looks so fun but messy =) Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

  2. OMG this looks like so much fun! I want to have an event like that too. Haha, you guys look like a mess though but it looks mighty fun XD

    and post when you dye your hair! I am going to jump into as well.. i want to be blond (or at least a little lighter) before I start to worry if it's appropriate XD

  3. You always make me hungry with your food pics :Q