Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Dislike for Citizen's Bank

So for a while now I've been pretty fed up with Citizen's Bank because if I don't use my debit card 5 times, then I get charged a $9.99 maintenance fee. The way around it is having $1,500 in the account, but it's not even my primary account so there's no way I would have that much money in it and after getting a credit card, I stopped using my debit cards. 

Last month I forgot to use my debit card 5 times so I got the charge and I went in and they waived it for me. The lady reminded me to make sure I use it 5 times by 4/6 or else I'd get charged again. On 4/5 I checked my online account to see how much money I had and noticed that I got the charged the day before on the 4th, and I was really confused because last month my cycle ended on the 6th and the lady even explicitly said the 6th. I had five transactions at this time, but two of them were still pending. 

I called a few nights later and the lady on the phone told me that it was actually every fourth business day of the month, which I never even knew and looking back, 75% of the time that day happened to be the 6th. And that it doesn't matter if I used my card because as long as the transactions are still pending (the merchant hasn't requested for the money yet) then it doesn't count..which is dumb because what if I used my card 1,000 times in the beginning of the month but they never requested the money until the end of the month? But keep in mind, the lady from last month TOLD ME that the last day was the 6th as well, and this time the lady on the phone isn't willing to waive it even though it wasn't even my fault and half of it was their fault as well. The first lady also put a note on my account not to waive any more maintenance fees -__-

In case you're wondering why I never canceled my account, it just wasn't meant to be. The first time I went in to do it but they realized that I had some transactions that hadn't cleared yet so they couldn't do it. The second time I had some extra time to go in before work, but when I got there the line was super long and I would've been late if I had stayed. The third time I went in and then realized I didn't bring my ID. 

I'm going in later today to cancel it, so hopefully that works out. I'll try and see if the person will sympathize with me about the fee first though :X

Anyways, until next time!

I ended up getting the fee waivered :X The guy was nice. But I still need to close the account lol.
The guy lied lol. I ended up closing the account, finally.

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