Wednesday, April 17, 2013

JulieG: Tangerine Dream

Textured nail polish is one of the newest trends.. I haven't gotten my hands on Zoya's Pixie Dust or OPI's Liquid Sand yet, but I pre-ordered Julie G's Frosted Gum Drops collection last month. They were pretty affordable $20 for the collection of six. A few days ago, there was a Groupon deal for them for $12.99 or something; I should've just waited :(

Anyways, today I have Tangerine Dream, the only orange of the collection. Orange nail polish is kinda weird imo because I never use orange, but hey why not? 
Application: It was really easy to apply, but it was a bit sheer so I needed three coats for full coverage. You can use two if you don't mind a bit of VNL. It took a while to dry though. Half an hour or an hour after I finished applying, I accidentally hit one of my fingers against something and it smudged a lot. But since it was textured it was easy to simply just kinda push it back in place and you don't really notice the flaw unless you're staring at it up-close.

Color: I think Tangerine Dream is a very fitting name, at least the "Tangerine" part. It's not a light or a dark orange..just think of a tangerine. The hint of yellow is really obvious but not overwhelming compared to orange. I didn't dread the color as much after putting it on.

Overall: For about three bucks, I wouldn't complain at all! Just the drying time could be better, but once it settles, then there's nothing to worry about. I took the photos two or three days after applying it, so you can see a bit of tip wear :X It wasn't until day four or five that it actually started chipping on some nails.

One last comment is that removing this polish wasn't bad either. It was somewhere between a regular polish and glitter polish. I don't bother with the foil method, but if you do then there shouldn't be a problem. 


  1. Youre nails so long and nice nowww!

  2. This is such a pretty color! and I like the name 'Tangerine Dream"

  3. This is a pretty colour! And it was super cheap too! Way cheaper than the OPI or Zoya polishes... they are so pricey :(

  4. I got Julie G Gumdrops from the Groupon deal... very nice nail polishes. Tangerine dream looks awesome on you!