Sunday, April 21, 2013

Recent Events

It's not like crimes never existed, but there's just been so many exposure of them lately since the bombing during the Boston Marathon. In case you haven't heard yet, two bombs went off new the finish line and over a hundred people got injured and three passed away. There were also bombs that were recovered but didn't set off. 

Friday night there was a shooting near the MIT campus and not long later, there were grenades set off in another town. All this was done by the suspects of the Marathon bombings.

Of course I sympathize with the victims and all those affected but at the same time it's not like crime doesn't exist until now. The most I feel about this whole incident is sympathy. I mean it "shouldn't" have happened, but it did and we'll all move on past it.

Tribute to the victims on campus

Friday night they caught suspect and there was kinda like some riot/celebration going on downtown so my roommate and some friends went there. It wasn't necessarily for the..excitement/craziness that I wanted to go, but more just to go just to have gone. Something I can say that I participated in. I didn't see the video myself but I think I ended up on the news lmao.
 My roommate and I :D
There was SOOOO many people there. You'd have to shove everyone to get through. 

Hope I didn't come off as heartless from this post, but how I feel is how I feel. So until next time!

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