Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lost in Neverland

"Lost in Neverland" was inspired by Escape the Room and created as a fundraiser for a school club. My friend from Wellesley invited a bunch of us to get together for this. After recent events, I felt like I should put more effort in maintaining contact, especially in person.
It's themes are Romeo and Juliet, Peter Pan, and Harry Potter. The first two I vaguely remember from middle/high school days and I never watched or read Harry Potter before. So when part of my team told me that they prepped for it, I was like wtf cuz I didn't know anything. :( So useless. But turns out the whole thing was literally, just themed, and we didn't have to actually know anything.
We had a time limit of 50 minutes, but could get extended if needed because we were the last group. They hosted this for two days, but no groups got it D:!!

So a lot of it was confusing because when I did it in Sydney, you basically have to complete certain steps before you can get to the next piece of the puzzle. But here, you can literally find each clue in any order, so that made it confusing because you wouldn't know which clue linked to the next one! To be fair, I'm comparing a business to a club fundraiser though lol.

After 20 minutes, we got it!!  

And I asked the hosts at the end because there was this one clue that I didn't understand, even though we found the treasure. She explained it but then questioned how we got the treasure if we didn't get this because this was the clue to the combination of one of the locks. Turned out my friend forcible pried it open because it was loose wtf. 

I didn't even know that. So I was like shit now they're not going to count this. But luckily they're still giving us the win, so yay!!

Our prize...?
Matcha Green Tea Pocky. I DON'T EVEN LIKE GREEN TEA THOUGH. A win is a win though. :)

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