Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I've been wanting to try making snickerdoodle cookies for a while now but never had cinnamon until now, so I finally had a chance to make it. 

But I was always either missing baking powder or cream of tartar for recipes that I found online, but I went ahead and just skipped those. I also used one cup of sugar instead of two (to try to cut down on it) and I think that made the cookies completely tasteless D':

I had a shit ton of dough because I didn't know if I should really half all the ingredients for the recipe that was meant for 25-40 cookies or something like that.

The recipe called for balls, so I rolled them up, but they didn't flatten and started to get burnt on the bottom!! :(
Fail #1

So I decided the next batch to use my Hello Kitty cutters.. I also added a bit of water to soften up my dough because it was pretty crumbly. 

This batch turned out fine, I think, but completely tasteless. Didn't even taste like flour or cinnamon or anything really. I tried eating it with Cookie Butter, but eating it just made me feel miserable. 

Fail #2 (kinda)

Last batch...
I decided to make them smaller and whatnot because the Hello Kitty sized cookies are quite big. When I took it out of the oven, it was still a bit raw, so I put it back in..and forgot about them for half an hour. 

They didn't look that bad...until you flip them over. They're also completely hard.
Fail #3

Hopefully next time they'll taste better ;_; My cookies are getting worse and worse each time I try to make them.

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