Monday, May 4, 2015

Mailroom Incident

Background: So the other week I ordered a package and accidentally sent it to my freshman year dorm (instead of my own dorm room) because the page refreshed and defaulted to that old address as my shipping address. I got the notification to pick it up (at least they didn't send it back) so I went like five days later. 

When I got to the counter of the mailroom, nobody was at the front (usually there's someone sitting right there). But there were people in the back doing who knows what, so I decided to just wait for them to finish up and not rush them to come help me. But then 20 seconds later, I realized that they were putting mail into each individual mailbox and had a pile to go through, so I decided to get their attention instead of waiting for who knows how long.

Me: Um, hi.
-maybe the girl didn't hear me, but then she looked over 3 seconds later- 
Her: -with an attitude- You should've said something to get our attention
Me: uh, okay. -hands her my ID-
Her: -looks for it but can't find it-
        Do you live on campus or off campus?
Me: On campus
Her: -rummages through the room more-
       I can't find it and our supervisor just stepped out. Can you come back in an hour?
Me: Oh, I don't actually live in this building but I accidentally shipped my package over here.
Her: -attitude comes back- I asked you if you lived here earlier and you told me no. 
Me: -sees the package and points to it- Um, no you didn't. You asked me if I lived on campus or off campus, and I told you on campus.
Her: Obviously that meant if you lived in this building.

And then... as soon as she handed over the package, I told her to stop giving me an attitude. 

I don't understand why she was being so rude from the start. Like can you not try to argue with me when I didn't even do anything wrong or wasn't even being rude in the first place. I wish it didn't catch me off guard or I would've sassed the fuck out of her. But also she had my package as hostage so :(

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