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Seoul: N Tower & Cheonggyecheon

December 28, 2014
So the plan for the day was to visit the N Tower and Cheonggyecheon Stream. I actually had trouble finding more things to do.. there didn't seem to be much in Seoul that I could do T_T;

The way I went:
Chungmuro Station Exit 2 (Line 3/4)
Turn left (I think) and soon you'll find a bus stop
Take bus #2 (550 won)
The bus basically takes you to the top (last stop), I was a little scared that I missed my stop and was actually supposed to walk part of the way.
From here, you can see a view of the city. I think even if you don't go to the N Tower, this alone is a pretty nice place to go to.

When I purchased the tickets, there was a bundle for the Observation Deck and Alive Museum for 15,000, so I was like okay sure since I wanted to do more activities.

But turns out that it's one of those 3D museums (I had no idea what the Alive Museum was, or at it was even there) so it's super awkward when you're alone because a lot of it has to do with.. taking pictures or even just seeing each other with the stuff. ;~;
The observation deck of the N Tower was basically like a higher view of the city. The elevator up was pretty cool and interactive (or am I thinking of Shanghai?). If you go down one level, there's this place with a lot of couple locks.
After the N tower, I took the bus (I think 4 or 5) to Myeongdong and walked to Cheonggyecheon. I think it was a really long walk because I remember walking quite a lot. Or maybe I took the subway because I vaguely remember getting out of a subway station as well. Maybe I did both.

Anyways, Cheonggyecheon is a super pretty long stream. Also another coupley place.. it's like so prominent in Korea. Couples are everywhere.

Wishing well. I actually forgot what my wish is, but I know I made it in. Hopefully it came true, whatever it was.

Shopping haul:

Next post on Seoul is the last one and then the next adventure is Singapore :D

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