Friday, May 8, 2015

Modstock 2015: Ludacris

Thursday marks the last day of classes for this semester! I have three finals to study for though. I have a conflict for one of my final exams being scheduled at the same time, but now I have to take a different one because of that but I hope it's not harder :( 

I woke up at 5:00PM the day before and didn't get sleep until around 6:30AM, but class was at 8:00AM so I decided to just stay up...and afterwards, I had to run errands and then went to my friend's university to see Ludacris perform. 
It was so crowded though because I was trying to get to the front. Used those skills from Shanghai though and made it pretty close to the stage. But half the time I was shoving and getting shoved >< No personal space at all, but what do you expect lol. I don't really remember too much of it because I know at some point I was pretty focused on getting close. Oops. 

After that, I just hung out with some friends that I haven't seen/hung out with in over a year. 

When I'm in confrontational situations, I either bitch back or be speechless because I wasn't expecting it. Luckily this time, it was the former.

There's this one girl that I used to see at gatherings in my freshman year. I don't think I really saw her last year. Anyways, I don't know her that well aside from her name.. since I never really spoke to her. After Ludacris, some of us gathered back at one of the dorms and the girl came back too and she was eating. She dropped food on her lap or something and told my friend to eat it off of her. 

Like a normal person, my reaction was, "What the fuck?"

And she got angry at me for reacting that way wtf. I don't remember exactly what was said afterwards, just that she was being pissy. But I just ignored her existence after that.

Later that night when I saw her again because we separated for like two hours, she was super nice and friendly so I thought maybe it was all a misunderstanding because she was drunk or I don't know. But then I found out that she actually didn't like me lol. So I was just like oh, okay. 

It's pretty flattering whenever your existence means something to someone else when they're a nobody to you. 

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