Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hey, London

So I went more in depth about the possibility of studying abroad this fall [here]. I ended up submitting my application on April 7, but the advisor form took like a week to actually show up on my account, so I don't think they even looked at my application until then :'( Anyways, they promised to notify in 2-4 weeks and they finally got back to me today May 6, just short of four weeks. Tsk.

I've already convinced myself that I was going to go abroad next semester already for the past month, and fortunately, I did get into my London program :) 
I just remember being super excited last time for Shanghai but I'm feeling a bit anxious now. Even going to the page to accept it, it's like ahhh commitment -doesn't want to click accept- But it doesn't mean I don't want to go either lol. So I guess there's some mixed feelings there.

One of my worries last year was not being able to find anyone there but then I found Cory because of our obsession with being able to get mobile data immediately. Turned out that we were very alike in a lot of aspects that it kind of freaked me out sometimes but I'm glad I found her :D WHERE WERE YOU MY FIRST TWO YEARS OF COLLEGE? :( I only know a couple of people going to London next semester, but other than that, nada. So I hope I won't end up alone or something :'(

I guess I'll write more about it over the summer, but just wanted to post about the acceptance for now. 

Oh yeah, I only have one final left, but I don't think they're going too well. In a way, I'm not as concerned as I should be because from now until the end of the year, I have an internship and London to look forward to, so I'm not thinking too much about this semester. Though..probably not the way to go about it.

Anyways, until next time!

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