Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dear Friend,

I think you should know who you are after reading this post, but if you don't then maybe that's a problem in itself. 

I feel as if we have been drifting apart for a while now, even if I do see you regularly (or not), on the emotional level, I don't feel as connected to you anymore. Many times I feel like I'm being taken for granted or my existence isn't appreciated. Because of this, I've grown bitter and bitchy, and worst of all impatient. Once I've grown impatient with someone, I feel like it's a downward spiral because there's really nothing that can fix it. 

I've already talked to you numerous times about this issue, but they were either disregarded or taken very offensively. So I feel as if I've done my part already, at least in terms of communicating. 

So what's the whole point of this blogpost? I'm not too sure, a combination of a declaration and rant. This isn't a confrontation, though. It might cause a conflict or maybe some tension, or both, but it's probably gotten to the point where it's better than keeping it in because I'm passive aggressive af. 

Am I still your friend? Yes, but I feel less "devoted" than I have been in the past. Have I been a good friend if I'm complaining about it? Probably not. My attitude has been pretty shit because of all this, tbh.

I think I've learned some things about myself through this and maybe it can help me be a better person/friend. I hope you can learn something from it too.

The Salty Friend

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