Friday, June 12, 2015

Herp Derp Derp

If you didn't know, I'm going to be interning in New York for the summer. So I went to NY with my mom on Saturday and she accompanied me because her friends were here as well. So I stayed up the night before packing and everything and we arrived some time past noon. 

But then a few hours later... I realized that I didn't have my passport for paperwork that I needed for my internship. D:< It was a Saturday, so I couldn't mail it (even overnighting) and get it by Monday morning, where I needed it in my hands by 6:30AM. So the only choice I had was to take the bus back home the same night T__T;;; I didn't even get home until... 4:30AM. I slept in and took the bus back to New York the next day (Sunday) and didn't get settled into my place until nearly midnight :( Needless to say, I was super tired at work the next day.

Oh, but to derp more, since I didn't actually get to move in on Saturday, what happened was that my mom's friend had all my luggage because I wasn't able to get it to my place that night. So then on Sunday night, I realized that my hardcopy of the paperwork was still with the friend.... Derp... and I don't have a printer here, so... fml. Nowhere to print it, and it's just as important as my passport, that I wasted all my time and money on getting if I didn't forget it T_T I almost forgot the paperwork when I left home, but remembered it right before I headed out, so not sure why I forgot my passport =(

Luckily, I was able to print the paperwork at my friend's house on Monday morning, only to realize once I got to work that it was supposed to be submitted online, not an original copy. Fml.

On a side note, I would get sick the night before my first day, so I've been sick all week :( Just have an uncomfortable (not sore) throat and small cough.

It's been a busy week, but I'll try to finish up my Singapore posts soon, and maybe more updates on my first week.

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