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Seoul: Insadong & Searching for Dongdaemun

December 29, 2014
I either slept in until very late or just lazed around in the guesthouse until quite late. When I was about to head out, the owner of the place offered to treat me for dinner (which was really breakfast to me) and I accepted. The first two days I did talk to him occasionally and also I read reviews that he did this to other guests before too, so it wasn't as sketch as it sounds.
We went to a local restaurant and I had sundubu. I think it was probably my only "Korean" meal here, aside from street food. We just chatted about various things like about life, why he started the guesthouse, and such. After dinner, we even got me coffee at a local cafe :X We chatted a bit more and a lot of it was just me giving him input on the guesthouse because it's actually pretty new, only three months old.
 Even though it was getting late and I had plans to go explore, I think traveling on your own makes you more inclined to accept offers of company. And really, those experiences are replaceable, whereas exploring can be done any time, even if it's in the future. As corny as it sounds I guess...

 So I tried to go to Insadong since my friend recommended it. She said that there was food and shopping there, but I didn't really like it. There were shops, but nothing interesting..

Lots of bars and stuff here it seems :O
 Next, I decided to go to Dongdaemun, but I'm not sure if I ever found it. I forgot which station I got off of, but it had many stalls that were being set up that sold merchandise like clothing and such. Then I walked for maybe 10-15 minutes (literally back and forth 4-5 times because I couldn't figure out the plaee) and finally found these two buildings, with lots of clothing shops set up, similar to Edae but indoors.

From what it seems.. it wasn't Dongdaemun at all, and I'm not really sure where I was tbh. It was also getting late already, around 11:30PM and my phone was dying so I didn't really feel like exploring too much, as places were starting to close and I had to wake up super early to head to the airport. Plus I had to pack...

But before heading back, I made sure to get more street food :)
Hotdog covered with fries! Tbh, they didn't heat it up enough because my fries were still cold :'(

I wish I had stocked up more on skincare stuff, but then again I only have one face lol. And it takes me forever to even use up one thing. I've been using the cleanser (below) since January and I'm not even halfway done, lol.
 Last minute shopping at Skinfood. Yayay samples.

So apparently the train ticket machines can't take 50,000 bills, so I was stuck because that was all I had fml. And everyone I asked didn't (or maybe weren't willing) to give me change. BUT THEN, this kind soul took money out of the ATM for me (and ate the ATM fee) T_T THANK YOUUU.

I dunno if I like Korea that much or not... like I'm not particularly in a hurry to go back, but I wouldn't mind going back either. I think it would probably be more fun with company :X

Next travel post on Singapore because I flew out the next day :)

Anyways, until next time!

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  1. Oh gosh I miss reading your posts! It's been awhile! Your pictures look so good! Now I am craving for korean food also! :/ Anyway I hope you'll visit my blog too for my new post! :)

    OOTDs while I was away:

    Keep on smiling! Shahara xx