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Singapore: New Year's Countdown at Marina Bay

December 31, 2014
So we ended up going to Marina's Bay with a group of people from my friend's hostel. We took the train over and walked for a bit too. We got there somewhat early, so it wasn't super crowded yet, but as the night went on, they fenced off some of the area. Some New Year's concert/event thing was also being hosted too. 
Photo would've been so nice if it wasn't for that person's arm >:(
I thought I remembered taking way more photos but this was one of the two firework photos I found on my camera wtf. From what I remember, my eyes were glued on my camera too...Where did they all go?! >:( And it's so blurry too...

The guy from the hostel was so nice ;_; Since there was so many people and I'm not exactly that tall, I couldn't really get a good view of the fireworks, so he actually let me sit on his shoulders for maybe half of the time. :O I dunno if I ever even did that as a child lol.

To my knowledge, Marina Bay is the most mainstream place to go to for fireworks. By the time the fireworks were about to be set off, it was super, super crowded. I had to jump the fence to the other side (the concert area) and that was like a good 15-20 minute wait :( 

From what I was told, construction work has been really big in Singapore in the past few years, especially amongst foreign workers. So a lot of them come out for New Year's to kinda just let it go for the night. And they add to the crowdedness.
By the end of it, it was extra smokey. You can kinda see it from the photo, but it was worse in person. The smoke spread out too.

It took an hour just to get out of the area because there was so much people traffic. Luckily the hostel wasn't too far of a walk and I was able to catch the train home and it wasn't that crowded either.

Hmm... I would recommend coming here maybe once for fireworks because it's crowded, yeah, but it's the experience that counts too. The fireworks itself are just kind of there, maybe just 25% of it. Because yeah, there are definitely more isolated places we could've gone to where we can see the fireworks as well, but we decided it would be nice to see it from here ^^

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