Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Singapore: Five Days Too Many

January 3, 2015
I've already seen more of Singapore that I was interested in. When people say you only need 1-2 days here, they really mean it. So my plans for the day was just doing some last minute shopping at Bugis Street and hopefully be able to pick up some kaya to bring back. My friend told me that you can get the at grocery stores, but the during my whole trip, I never saw a grocery store at all D: So then if I see it, then I’ll get it, but if not… not like I had a lot of cash and luggage space anyways. By the way, Singapore is NOT card friendly unless you’re dining at a restaurant or something. But since I visited a lot of shopping centers (like Bugis Street, not malls) and hawker stalls, you’re going to need cash.
Had this for breakfast in the morning before there was I was already really hungry and who can resist Hainanese chicken rice...

The night before, one of the guys from dinner asked to hang out too so we ended up meeting up but it ended up being a really frustrating experience because I couldn’t really remember which station we were supposed to go to. I originally told him one station (Station A) because it seemed close, but then I told him, nevermind lets go to this other station (Station B) instead. Ah wait, this other station (Station C) is close instead.

But when the day came, I ended up going to the very original station by accident x_x So I walked over to the right station, but second guessed myself and walked over to Station B. But then I didn’t see him there! So I was like oh fuck maybe I made a mistake and I walked back over to Station C again. But I didn’t see him there either.. If I remember correctly, I think I ended up going back between Station B and C again.

I was finally able to get wifi right across from Station C, and I messaged him.. like WHERE ARE YOU? And he was somewhere completely far away wtf. And said he went to the station but was running late so maybe I missed him the whole time I was going between stations. But either way he didn’t wait like I told him to… So I was just kinda like wtf.
But we met up in the end anyways… we went to Killiney for breakfast. I liked Ya Kun more though. Not sure if I'm eating it properly, but I pour a little bit of soy sauce into the eggs and mix it up, then dip the toast in.

After that, we just walked over to Bugis Street and I was just like fuck it and bought more clothing x_x I had to buy shoes too because I packed away all my shoes and it was already taken back to the States, so all I had were: Uggs, rainboots, and indoor slippers. Struggles L I mean obviously it wasn’t a problem in Tokyo/Seoul, but it’s hot in Singapore…and will be for the rest of my trip before I head home too.

It was really hard to find something that fit/that I liked but right before we left, I found this pair of flats:
So weird but cute at the same time.
To end the day, we ate at Eng Seng Restaurant for their black pepper crab :D It was the last one too…and it was quite big O_O I think it was like $80 for the crab? I didn’t expect to get such a big one so if I had been alone, I wouldn’t have been able to pay for it wtf. Well, actually, I didn’t have enough even when splitting it wtf so I some of the money I gave to my friend was in USD so he can exchange to SGD later wtf. And sadly… he was also tight on SGD because the ATM ate his card, so I felt bad dragging him with me.

Went home and packed.

Next destination: Kuala Lumpur!

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  1. All the food looks very delicious. Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me a happy birthday =)