Saturday, June 6, 2015

Singapore: Sentosa

January 1, 2015
Ahhh so I was running late to my meeting place with my friend so I ended up not getting to our meeting spot until it was like..maybe 45 minutes later? I think I was running late and made it worse by taking the slower train too... fml. So I couldn't find her in the end..and neither of us have phones/data so... after waiting/looking around for maybe 30 minutes or an hour, I ended up just going to Sentosa on my own. 

The Sentosa Express is SGD 4 but from what my friend told me, it was honestly just a simple walk over. So I probably shouldn't have taken it. Also I think when you're there, you can go between each station for free anyways? 

Photo spam:
Oh some point I was still pretty tired/sleep so I just took a nap on the beach area, but before that, there was this super creepy guy sitting nearby ish, who kept trying to say hi to me WTF. Even after I turned away from him, I still heard him saying hi. Stop creeping please T_T
Hold/take photos with snakes for like $10 or something
Merlion! I think you can go inside of it too (for a fee) 
Super crowded VivoCity; took forever to find where I came from

Finally met up with my friend afterwards because she returned to her hostel and received my spam of messages, so we met up there and ended up having Korean BBQ with two guys from her hostel that we met the night before, for the countdown. Korean BBQ was really, really expensive here (or maybe just this restaurant) x_x I was a fatass so I also got bibimbap as well.
We wanted to go to Marina Bay again, while it's more calm and away from the countdown madness. Such a big difference compared to the night before...
Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich
Our agenda for the night was going clubbing haha. I think we tried going to Attica at Clark Quay but we ended up not going in. We tried to go to Kyo instead, but they were very strict on being 21+ :( Most clubs are 18+ in Singapore, I think.

In the end we just headed our separate ways. We already walked around a lot, so we didn't feel like going out of our way to try to find something anymore. At least this way I didn't have to worry about getting home because I would've missed the last train and I didn't have my contacts case to stay with my friend. Wasn't worth cabbing back either :X

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