Sunday, June 7, 2015

Singapore: Kopi Tiam & Chilli Crab

January 2, 2015
It was my friend's last day in Singapore and she had a later flight, so we hung out until then.
Breakfast at Ya Kun (kopi tiam) We both had a set, one the original and the other their french toast. I liked the normal toast more. Kaya is sorta coconut based, so I was a bit iffy about it but after trying it, it's not too bad! I wish I had bought the jars, but no space :( And I was going to buy them the next day instead, but ended up not even seeing them anywhere. Arggg.

We spent the day doing some last day sight seeing.
(Earlier) Mona Lisa was in town... But didn't really feel like paying to see it in Singapore, seems more worth it to see it in Louvre lol.
Civilian War Memorial (Tugu Peringatan Bagi Mangsa Awam Pemerintahan Jepun)

After this, we walked over to Emerald Hill. Not exactly sure why she wanted to check it out, but oh well. It's a very dainty street though.
On the way there, saw this building with cool spiral stairs
Stopped by No. 5 (bar) afterwards.
They have this cool thing where they offer blank post cards, and you just write in them and put it back in the other pile and they mail it off for you :O So I sent one to my friend. Never asked how long it took, but it reached him eventually.
Watermelon martini (?)
They had these chilli vodka that they made...tried a taste of it and not really something that I would want to drink an entire cup of. A group of three guys came in some time after us and also pointed it out and we chatted about it for like a minute. Maybe 10-15 minutes later, one of them bought us a shot of it too lol. It really wasn't too bad... it was unique, kinda sour.
Found Merlion

We made a reservation at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant (I think) the night before, but we were careless and forgot which one we went to... so we ended up not going because we couldn't find it since they had three locations and the first one we tried wasn't it. We walked by it the night before and made the reservation so we figured we'd find it, but nope.

So we ended up at Jumbo. Luckily the wait wasn't that bad! Was told that I had to try chilli crab while in Singapore and I'm glad I did! I forgot how big this one was, but I think it the crab itself was ~$100, so it was probably around 1.2kg. It was pretty big, never ordered crab before, so not sure how expensive it compares to the States.
The meat was very tender and didn't stick to the shell at all. One crab was enough for two people. It's very messy to eat, but so good too. Second time having crab :D

I also ordered mantous, they're really small and each order is only one, so it also adds up on the bill (though a fraction of the crab's price) since I recommend getting quite a few and just eating it with the chilli sauce.
Guess I'm a messy eater :X
If you do go to Jumbo, just be sure to note that they charge you for things that they just hand to you, so be sure to say no if you don't really want them. We got charged for tea and the wet towels. You wouldn't really think otherwise if they ask you, "Do you want water or tea?" and they just hand you the wet towels at the end. They also charge for peanuts too o_O
Ice cream sandwich dessert :P

We called it a day after dinner because my friend had to go catch her flight and I think I probably just tried planning the next day, since it was my last day.

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