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Singapore: Lucky Plaza & Bugis Street

December 30, 2014
I spent the night before packing up because of all the new clothes that I bought and making sure that everything could still fit, which I'm surprised it did... My next stop was...Singapore!! I took a long time before actually booking this flight (and the price increased because I kept hesitating) because it's a really expensive flight.. :( I just checked again to make sure and it's actually more expensive than I recalled it to be fml. T_T If I could, I actually would've preferred to celebrate New Year's in Japan for hatsumoude.

I had a 6 hour layover too, so I didn't get to Singapore until late and I had technical difficulties + forgot which station to go to when buying my train ticket. I almost missed the last train because of this. Eventually I was able to borrow this guy's phone to make a call to my host and it was really frustrating because she didn't pick up my calls and then texted me instead.. and it wasn't even my phone so I didn't know if I should text back or not (I did, after asking if I could). I also asked if she could pick me up at the train station but she's wasn't willing to..

It wasn't until I almost reached the station that I realized I did take the wrong train (because I thought it was at this other station) so I had to go backwards to a stop that I already passed. When I got off in the end, I kept walking around and wasn't even able to find the house or anywhere near it T_T;;;; I was getting so frustrated and it was super hot and humid too. So I just took a cab in the end. Thinking now, I wonder if he ripped me off..... because the ride took just as long as walking lol.

Got there...and realized the place didn't have wifi!! Fml for not checking properly. But fortunately, they were willing to turn on their own mobile hotspot for me, so I was able to figure out my plans for the next day. ^^

December 31, 2014
This girl from my Shanghai program that I met up with in Toyko as well was also visiting Singapore at this time, so we decided to hang out during our overlapped days.
Lucky Plaza (right off of Orchard Station)
It wasn't really that interesting. I exchanged my money here but I think the rates are about the same as the airport. The shops didn't really carry stuff that I was interested in. The place was pretty empty too. I ended up buying a maxi dress at this one shop though.
Ice cream sandwich, literally. These were sold on the street for like $1.50 hehe I usually got it with the sweet bread.
Lemon chicken and rice from Majestic Chicken Rice at this food court on the way to Bugis Street. It was okay. Wasn't blown away by it.

Bugis Street was about half an hour walk from Lucky Plaza. Tbh, Singapore isn't as "clean" as I was expecting. I mean it's very normal? I think I was imagining like sparkly clean, marble streets or something. It's not dirty, but I just feel like normal standards should be that way too.
Bugis Street has three floors and it's kind of confusing to navigate inside. Things weren't really as cheap as I was expecting because a lot of decent things were still like $25+. But I guess I just had the wrong impression of the place before actually coming :O There's a loooot of stuff here and while shops don't carry the exact same thing, it's possible to find an item at one shop selling for cheaper at another one. The clothing styles are generally similar from shop to shop.

Tried my best not to buy too much because I was running out of USD to exchange and because I didn't have a lot of luggage space, but still ended up buying quite a few things =( 
Outside there was a juice stand selling drinks for $1 lol. I got a blueberry one, I think, but it wasn't really that good. Very artificial. :( Lots of flies flying around everywhere too..
Super cute scallop shorts from Cotton On. T_T

We headed to Chinatown afterwards because that's where my friend was staying, plus I wanted to check it out too.
There wasn't really too much here, but I guess it's a good place for souvenirs.

Went to Maxell Road Hawker Centre for dinner
Hainanese Chicken and Rice from Hong Xiang Hainanese Chicken Rice (宏香鸡饭)
Muchhhh yummier than the other place. I think my favorite is probably the rice more than the chicken :X

Oh ya... when I was ordering, there was this lady in front of me and the three of us in total. We all ordered the set for $4.50, which came with everything above plus a soup, but the shop already ran out of soup so the guy didn't give it to her (he didn't say anything about it). The lady questioned him, like where's the soup? No soup? I'm only paying $4 then. And kinda argued with the guy over it...

I'm not really sure who to side with though because on one hand.. you're paying more than what it's worth (because no soup) but then the lady didn't really approach it the right way either lol. And on the other hand, it was still kind of a take it or leave it kind of thing. 

So the shop owner was pretty upset after that lady and just gave the other guy and I half a soy egg to make up for the lack of soup lol.
Tiger Beer! It's Singapore's fire locally brewed beer.

Okay, ending the post here because it's kind of long already. The next post is on New Year's countdown :)

Until next time!

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