Saturday, May 19, 2012

18th Birthday

Another birthday post :D Focusing on the actual day itself. 

The boyfriend came over right before it turned 12AM with my presents yay :D I got 2 Starbucks gift cards, because I decided to start collecting them for the designs :)
 ...and inside it's a Fujifilm Instax mini 25 & Hello Kitty film!! I've been wanting one for over a year and decided half a year ago that if I can save up enough then I'll get myself one, but in the end I started spending even more, so.. -__-
Unboxing it.. :) Inside it includes a camera, two CR2 batteries, a strap, and a close up lens.

Then later I went to school and had a math test. I studied for it, but totally bombed it. After school, I have work from 3PM-9PM :( So I couldn't go anywhere..but on my way to work, I spoiled myself with:
I spent $9, $2 for the lottery tickets and $7 for the scratch tickets. I won $5 from the scratch tickets, so not too bad. I swear I won't get addicted, maybe for like a year (in moderation) but only so I can abuse my privilege :) The numbers came out last night: 3 11 22 34 49 Megaball: 1 So I didn't win anything :(

Then at about 4:30PM, a few of my friends from school came to surprise me at work & sung happy birthday to me yayy! And they brought me food<3
 Eel sushi, spicy seafood sushi, & some sort of fish one that I didn't eat. 
Mouse cake LOL. Its face is demented xD

After work, I went to hotpot at Shabu Zen with my mom and boyfriend. My brother and his girlfriend came after we finished eating.. but we ordered a bit more for them, since they already ate they weren't that hungry anyways.

Then the next day I had my AP Economics test...which I totally slept through UGHH. Coffee did not help. :( Afterwards, I went to Michaels to buy some art supplies and went to celebrate with the boyfriend. We went to a small restaurant called Pikaichi for ramen.
Miso ramen
Had froyo afterwards... Cookies n Cream (covered in the bottom) and Thai tea :D The Thai tea didn't taste like Thai tea though.
A day late, but Strawberry cheesecake <3

And to show's the rest of the things I received :D

The Body Shop bath set from my brother's girlfriend...which was awfully kind of her, especially considering I just met her & my own brother didn't even get me anything lol.
Hello Kitty shirt :D I'll probably wear it to work out or something. The back has like square holes :o
Cupcakes...which got ruined by the time I got home :\
Variety of novelties. Shot glasses, mustache bandaids, card, & Urban Outfitters nail polish in Afterhours. The polish is a very fine, multi-colored glitter polish. I'll do a better close up and such when I wear it :)

Anyways, that's all for now! I appreciate everyone who remembered and said happy birthday and such. I guess I should get some's like 5:30AM and I need to wake up in a few hours :(


  1. AWWWW looks like you had an awesome birthday celebration!!! :D

    An Fuji instax! You lucky girl!! :3 MMm so much yummy food too! <3 Glad you got to spend it with your loved ones! x

  2. happy belated birthday! <3
    love the Fujifilm Instax!! I still need to get myself one of those =)