Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Physics Project: Flashlight

This is probably the most challenging science project I've ever had. As simple as it sounds, due to my lack of creativity, I spent hours building a flashlight for my school project. Here's the final outcome:
It works if you push it from the bottom, but I couldn't get it to meet one of the requirements: to be able to stay on. It can only stay on if I keep pushing the button. It's not very physically appealing either lol, but I needed a way to get all the pieces to stay. 

I used mold putty to create the shape to keep the batteries and wire together. But I made a slit on it to take out the batteries, which ended up being too big and the slit got bigger, so I folded the entire thing with aluminum foil so nothing would fall out. Afterwards, I wrapped it with cling wrap to keep the foil together and also the battery from falling off. And TADAHH! There you have it, my fail flashlight.

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  1. So...why did I think the first photo was a banana with a condom on it :) ? :D! I was like 'Flashlight!? WHAT?'
    ahahah good job though, I never had projects like this in school except one time. I had to make a lightbulb light up with a battery and a wire and i shocked myself. it hurt and i cried xD! I was like in 7th grade LOL