Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Avengers

I went to watch The Avengers two weeks ago.. so this is another belated post. I bet many of you have already watched it already.. because practically everyone went on the opening night or the following few days.

Everyone raves about this movie, but was it really so good? I personally thought it was okay. I liked the movie and found it interesting, but that's about it. It was a bit cheesy at times and quite predictable.

I watched it in 3-D, but right at the beginning of the movie, one of my contacts came off because my eyes were dry (I was trying to take a nap...) so I guess that affected how I watched the movie because none of it looked 3-D to me. It was like completely flat. I tried covering that eye with my hand but it didn't work lolol. So yeah, wasted my money for the 3-D part that I couldn't even see ):

Has anyone else watched The Avengers? Thoughts?


  1. I never even seen the previews for this movies so I don't even know what is about.

    1. It's like about a few Marvel superheros and they have to team up together lol. So if you're into that stuff then you should go watch it.