Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Day of High School! :)

Finally on Friday was my last day of school. I was on the verge of getting held too, which means I still have to go back to school while everyone's out. I had tardy detentions that I had to make up up until the very last week of school..and then on Tuesday, I was given a letter which said I had too many absences :x Luckily I was able to fix that by changing one of my absences into a present day for a college visit.
Ramen in school :)

So our class decided to do a senior prank. On Thursday night, there was a mass text sent out where they wanted us to set our phone's alarm to 8:30AM and leave them in our lockers. I thought it was kind of silly, since it was in the middle of 1st period, so not like anyone will hear it if the classroom doors were closed.. and senior lockers are only in parts of the school, so not like the entire school will ring.

When it was 8:30, I totally forgot about it and suddenly the hallway just went a bit noisy. The lockers were actually opened up and the phones got confiscated. LOL. So sucks for them :(

Fifth period we had an assembly..I fell asleep halfway through though x__x And afterwards we all took a class photo outside of the school, which took about 10 minutes since it was hard getting everyone's face to show. When the photo was done, we had a class picnic out in the courtyard :)
I got an Italian cold cut along with chips, soda, fruits, and cookies.

We basically just took a bunch of pictures outside and just chilled. Halfway through, someone (or maybe me) changed the settings of my camera to widescreen, so all the picture sizes were pretty small ): Grrr...

I had to go to work afterwards...and then when I got off of work, I went to eat with the family and my brother's girlfriend's family.
Wonton soup

Then I went to watch The Dictator. I fell asleep for the first 10 minutes or so...so I missed some of the beginning. But overall it was a very funny movie. The plot was kinda eh, but it can definitely get some laughs out of you if you go watch it :)

Other randoms during the week:
A parent at my work gave us these fried green peas :o They're like the wasabi peas minus the wasabi.
Free humus...they were passing it outside the train station. I didn't know that you had to refrigerate it (even though it says it clearly at the front) so I left it out for a day and it went bad. :(

Well that's all for now :) 

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  1. School life is amazing~ but there is still happiness because you are finially done!