Sunday, May 6, 2012

Galaxy/Nebula Nails

Last week I finally tried doing a nebula mani. It didn't really turn out as well as I wanted to, but I'll definitely try again to improve :)
I guess overall, my colors were a bit too "concentrated" everywhere, so there needs to be more spots that aren't as opaque. We'll see in the future though :)

For this mani, I used a lot of polishes even though half of them were similar colors. Here's the colors I used in the order I applied them :)

OPI Nail Envy | Sally Hansen Complete Salon Navy Baby | NYC French Tip White | Milani Morning Sunshine | Revlon Scented Not So Blueberry | Wet n Wild Spoiled Shrimp on the Barbie | Sally Hansen HD Blu | China Glaze Blue Year's Eve | Wet n Wild French White Creme | NYC White Lights Glitter | Wet n Wild Hallucinate | Warpaint Beauty Mattify


  1. Too much patience lol!
    The look great though

  2. A lot of people are doing this nowadays! It looks nice!

  3. Wow it still looks pretty! :D So much patience required...for everything to dry.....uhhhh!!! I tried once and it looked terrible. You did a good job!!!! XD