Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm legal!

Yay, I just turned 18 (: Which comes with its pros and cons, I suppose.
- buy certain things legally (scratch tickets, lottery tickets, cigarettes, etc.)
- open my own credit card
- sign my own papers
- vote
- easier at finding jobs that are 18+
- drive whenever I want

- do a lot of things without getting into trouble.. (ambiguous)
- more expected to be responsible for myself :(

Okay I'm sure there's more cons, but at least I have more "privileges" now.

Here are the nails I did on Monday.

I used one coat of Sally Hansen Jumpin' Jade as the base color and topped with it two coats of Love & Beauty Green.

Love & Beauty is from Forever21's line of cosmestic stuff. I originally saw NYX Enchanted Forest from Mimi's post [here] and saw that Love & Beauty had a dupe and I don't have access to any NYX cosmetics here..nor am I willing to order online. Then a few days later, I met up with a friend at Forever21, so the first thing I thought of was the polish, so I went to look for it and found it! :) It's only $2.80.

I tried it a few days later. At first I was a bit disappointed because the glitter is very sparce with the first coat and my favorite part about the polish was the bigger hex glitters,  but it was difficult to get even one out. I applied two coats of Green and I got one hex glitter if I'm lucky. But after a while, I thought that it's not as bad as I think because two coats is just perfect and sometimes polishes have way too much glitter. It has a jelly base, so it's not exactly clear, but it makes everything better :) You can also see like these lines on the hex glitters, I dunno why. From far away all the glitter is holographic though. Overall I'm happy with Love & Beauty Green, just a tad disappointed that it's so hard to get all the glitters on.


  1. Wow! Happy brithday~ Lovely nails!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're only 18 once in your life :) I can't believe I was 18 5 years ago...I'm so old ToT

    I love your nails! Actually I have the recollection of reading about that on Mimi's blog too (love that gal too). Unfortunately our F21 doesnt sell nail polishes...I just checked the UK website. Booo!!

    1. 23 isn't old! I dunno if you have more privileges or not in the UK, but if you ever do come to the US you will :)

      Thanks! Yeah, the hex glitter definitely got to me..they're always so pretty, like all the Deborah Lippmann ones, but so expensive! You have a F21 there too, right? Maybe you can find a store that has it even if it's not online :)

    2. Ah that's true! Actually I did come to US last summer and my parents rented a hire-car, but I couldn't drive it because I was less than 25 and they wouldn't insure anyone under 25.....I guess they're scared I would crash it. To be honest I was quite happy not to drive since it was city driving in NYC! Scary.

      Deborah Lippmann is SOO FREAKING EXPENSIVE. Yeah we do...but not in all cities. It's not very big here! A very recent addition to our british highstreets!

  3. Happy bday babe <3
    Don't be buying ciggs lol...ill smack you!

    1. Thanks boo :D
      Ya..I don't plan to xD