Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Small Haul from the Mall

Last Monday I went to the mall after work because I had some things to return. Someone from A&F tried to recruit me lol, so I'll take that as a compliment. Anyways, since I was there, I decided to look around for clothes (:

First I got two tops from Charlotte Russe.
Pink dolman top $10
I know it looks orange in the pic, but the lighting was bad. It's actually a rosy pink color. It's a size bigger because I couldn't find my size, but I put it in the dryer hoping to shrink it. I forgot to hang it up again so now it's wrinkly. :x I have to iron or wash it again..
Ruffle tank top $10
I needed two items for the 2 for $20 promotion, and I originally just picked this as a filler that I'd hopefully like and after trying on, I liked it a lot! It'll look nice paired with a cardigan.

Next, I discovered a store called Love Culture. It was like a cuter version of Forever21, with the prices about the same but less selection. Everything started to look very similar after a while but in different colors. I went to the fitting room with a bunch of stuff and only came out with one top that I like.
White Kimono Top $10.95
I tried on a blueish one at first, but the color just didn't seem right and thought it'd look better in white. By then it was already time for the mall to close so I had to rush to change back and ran to grab this in white. 
I'm actually debating whether to keep this top or not because I don't like how if I lift my arms, there's like nothing covering the rest of my body, but nothing a tank top can't fix, I guess..or just don't lift my arms. Plus their return policy is only exchanges or store credit, so ehh..

Finally, this is a top from a separate shopping trip when I was in Arizona. I went to Flagstaff Mall & The Marketplace and the store is California Girlz. They had so much NYX make up/nail polish there! It's a shame that tax was so high there :\
Beige semi-asymmetrical cold shoulder top $16.41 w/tax. 
I was debating between this and a darker color. This one was borderline too share compare to the latter, but I liked this one more, so :)

Anyways, that's all for now. I still have to upload/post the ones from all those online orders I made last month :|

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