Monday, October 22, 2012

Forever21 Haul; 50% Off Clearance

I recently received a package from Forever21 for the stuff I ordered. In the beginning I was browsing through the shorts that were on clearance because they had 50% off clearance some weeks ago, but then I ended up looking at the dresses and found a few that I liked..and since I don't really have any dresses, I used this opportunity to expand my (non-existing) collection.

I'll start off with the dresses:
Strapless Peplum Dress (Nude) $22.80 

Pros: Pretty cheap for a peplum dress. The material was nice and stretchy and it was a very pretty peach color. Overall I liked the design.

Cons: Personally, the bust area was just too big and I'd be worried about it slipping down all the time. Not to mention for some reason it made my thighs sort of stick out..literally. I've seen photos of someone else wearing the dress and it seemed fine.

Body-Conscious Ottoman Dress (Coral) $12.50
Pros: I guess it looked nice on.

Cons: I preferred the stock photo a lot more, so I was disappointed when I got this one. I wasn't wasn't expecting the dressed to have like a rigid(?) texture. It did look similar to the stock photo once it's on though. However, it's pretty tight and it emphasizes your stomach fat. I'd recommend it to those with flat stomachs. 

I ended up returning both of these dresses.

Peplum Dress (Cream/Black) $19.80
Pros: I loveee the lace. The peplum helps with hiding any stomach fat you may have. It's also padded.

Cons: It's a bit short and it does slip down a bit, but not to the point where you'll flash everyone, just enough so that it looks like your chest is lower than it should be.

Polka Dot Knit Dress w/Belt (Black/Cream) $14.90
Pros: It's loose feeling, so not too tight. The peephole in the back is cute and this came with its own belt.

Con: It's very thing, so not the ideal dress on a cold day. The top portion is also like big/loose, but that's just the style of it, so if you want something that's more fitted, then.. this isn't the dress for you.

Shorts; They were the only things that were on clearance, and I'm so happy to be able to snag these for less than $5 per pair. Luckily they all fit too, because it was final sale. The red/mustard one came with a lacy belt, which I find cute. And even though the photo looks yellow, the shorts are def a mustard color. Too bad it's getting too chilly for shorts, but def when summer comes again next year.
Needed more tanks... yeah boring lol.

Okay that's all for this haul :) Sorta drilled a hole into my wallet, but I'll live. 


  1. I'm loving the nude dress' design. So simple! If it was in black or navy it would be perfect..

    1. It was one of my favorites too! It's a shame I ended up returning it because it was a tad too big.. and my friend said it made me look fat :X

    2. Hi There... Stumbled across your blog when I was looking for reviews on the Nude Peplum. You said it was a tad too big, what size did you order? And your height and waste if you don't mind me asking. The website only has a Large left and I'm normally a Medium, but I am thinking it could work since some of their stuff runs small. Let me know. Thanks!

    3. I got the dress in small. It was too big around the band on the top. I'm about 5'3" and it hit some inches above my knee. I have a 23-25" waist and that part seemed to fit fine. I would just order anyways and see if it fits. Hope this helped!

  2. omgg that nude dress looks really good! I'm always scared to shop online because I'm a bit iffy about how the sizing works. But 50% clearance would definitely make me take the risk. Great haul :D

    1. Yeah same here, especially if they're final sale! The dresses were actually regular priced though and they only give store credit for returns so I'm stuck with that.