Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nail Mail

I actually got this package a month ago, but never got the chance to edit the photos until last week at home :x And then I went back to school before uploading it, so here it is now!
China Glaze: Fairy Dust & Luxe and Lush | Color Club: Covered in Diamonds & Diamond Drops
Rare and Radiant | Coconut Kiss | Devotion
Emotion | Cherish | Devotion (again)
Nail Tek Foundation II & Intensive Therapy II

Here are close up shots:

Lately I've been very into buying flaky sorta top coats such as Luxe and Lush and Covered in Diamonds, but I have no idea what it'll look nice paired with. I feel like it'll look bad with frosty/shimmery polishes. At the same time, the only creme polishes I have on me are light-colored, so it kinda blends in too much. 

I've been using Nail Tek whenever I paint my nails lately, but there's still been a lot of splits.. and my nails are getting yellow ;x eww.

Anyways, that's all for now. I've been eyeing a couple of OPI polishes from their Skyfall Collection... so hoping to add them to my collection! But they're pretty expensive lol.. and I've been spending too much money lately, so I've been trying to restrain my spending.


  1. OOOOO such pretty pretty polishes! Can't wait to see you wear or swatch some of them! I love flakies and glitters!

  2. Waaah that china glaze luxe and lush whatever look so nice ! use it on your next mani so i can see! come do my nails!