Monday, October 1, 2012

My First Butter London Polishes

I've seen quite a number of Butter London lately.. well it's not like they're new, but I just never heard of the brand prior to this year since I wasn't much of a nail junkie. Anyways, on they had a deal on Coterie where you can buy 3 polishes (out of 6 choices) and 1 top coat (matte or glossy) for $36. There was a $25 coupon, so it knocked the total down to $11+$4.99 shipping for a $60 value :D
Before I chose the colors, I searched for swatches and all of them were absolutely gorgeous so it was hard to decide -__- But here are my picks in the end!
Bluey | Knackered | All Hail the Queen | Matte Finish Shine Free Top Coat
I actually used to think the shape of the polish was more square.. so I was surprised at how flat they were lol. But yeah anyways.. the colors are so pretty!! I've already used All Hail the Queen and it's really pretty :) Unfortunately, I never got the chance to take photos, and it already has tip wear/chips, so... it's not presentable :( 


  1. I have yet to own any Butter London polishes, but I wouldn't mind getting that matte top coat :) Hehe, nice choices!

    1. Hahah, I know how much you love mattifying your manis! I needed a new one after knocking mine down and it broke & spilled all over my floor x__x