Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy; No Classes // New Buys

Classes are canceled for me tomorrow :o Hurricane Sandy has been making its way here, so the school has decided to cancel classes. I don't think I've every really experienced a hurricane before, but it sounds like it'll just be storm with strong wind and heavy rains, unless I'm underestimating the severity of it. 

Oh a side note, today's the last day that Six Flags is open to for the season, and because of the hurricane I couldn't go :( I bought a season pass, but I never got to use it. 

I spent the Sunday relaxing at home all day. I've been watching Glee this past month and I'm proud to say that I'm caught up :D I'm also almost caught up with Gossip Girl, just one episode behind. And lastly, I'm excited to get started on Nikita again. 

Moving on, right now American Eagle is offering 40% off clearance + 15% off (not sure if this is expired) +  free shipping. I took the chance to order some stuff last week since I haven't ordered from them in a while. 
Navy chiffon poet blouse & Neon pink skinny jeans

I like the shirt, but something about it doesn't look right on me. I don't think the color looks right on me even though a lot of my clothes are navy. I also like the jeans. They're actually neon pink and not orange-y like in the photo. But it's a tad tight pulling it up, so I'm hoping maybe it can stretch out after a few wears, but I'm not sure if I want to take the chances in case that doesn't work out. So I have these two that I'm debating on whether or not to keep.. 


  1. Oh i remember hurricane irene didnt hit you guys like it hit us. that was the first time i experienced a hurricane and it was scary all the trees were down and the roads turned into like dirt roads and all the electricity was out ;-;
    They closed everything here early today so i left work at 3pm and so far nothing is happening..
    I like the skinny jeans you bought !

  2. I say keep the jeans and return the navy! XD Just because you said it didn't look right on you then you will most probably not wear it if you're not in love it!