Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday Fun

Today was a nice, relaxing day. Too bad tomorrow I have another week of class and work to deal with :X 

So today I slept in until about 1:30PM and watched a bit of Glee. I never watched it until this month, so I'm way behind. I just finished the second season though, so one more season to go! =) After eating, I headed out to grab run some errands. I went to L'Occitaine to grab my free (peony) hand cream. I know it's only 30mL but it's sooo tiny. Better than nothing I guess.
Grabbed this from Lindt. They're running a bunch of promotions in stores right now. This was buy one get one free so my boyfriend and I both got one. They look so good..I can't wait to try the tiramisu one! I might just do that after I'm done with this post ;)

Afterwards, I went to Victoria's Secret to pick up a NFL PINK dog!!
If I could get all 32 team's dog, I would, but I guess I'll settle for the Patriot's dog. It's pretty cool how it's an officially licensed product too xD They're running the promo from now until 10/24 that if you purchase any team gear, then you can get a dog for $5. Luckily I had a $10 coupon, so I guess it was worth it :x They better not start charging for dogs for their future promos. or I'll be sad :\

Went to Walmart to grab some tights since I heard they were a lot cheaper there. Not really a big fan of sheer ones.. they're more like pantyhose, so instead of stocking up on those, I grabbed other opaque ones. Wonder which one I'll like the most :x Also needed socks for flats, hopefully they're not going to show through D: especially since I got black it's more noticeable. And founds socks... the only reason why I have to go do laundry is because I run out of socks lmao I have no idea what happened to all of mine.

I went to Dave & Buster's after Walmart. It was a pretty successful night. Won 1616 tickets with 161 points... :o The first game I tried, I hit a jackpot of 1000 tickets :)
Also came home with these babies. :D The guy restocking the a claw machine at another place gave me the Batman :) Last time he gave me the Cut the Rope character :D!! From the claw machines at D&B my boyfriend won a white and pink bear. Lastly we won this character from The Walking Dead. The maggot on its forehead disturbs me :X

To end the night, the boyfriend and I went to go eat at Fox & Hounds. It's my first time there and I can't say I was a big fan =X Maybe the other dishes are better. 
Littleneck clams; they were good, but I wasn't a big fan of the sauce.. it was too sour for my taste.
Lobster ravioli w/shrimp. Sounds amazing right? :o It only came with four raviolis, but it was huge. I wish they were smaller. And I was hoping for chunks of lobster on the inside, but I couldn't really taste it at all. 

Well, that's all :) As soon as I got back I had to turn in an assignment. It only took like five minutes to do though. Now I have to read... booooo. :( Well until next time!

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