Sunday, October 14, 2012

Worst Stomach Cramp x__x

Last night for some reason my stomach just started cramping at like 6 in the morning :\ And I would just wake up like every hour because of it and like.. it was awful just laying down cuz it would hurt so much :( Finally after a few hours I took some ibuprofen and fell asleep and the pain went away sort of that. Sigh I don't know why it took me 5 hours before I finally decided to take the painkiller -__- But either way I'm fine now :D I hope nothing's wrong.. and maybe just the stomach flu or something. But I thought stomach flus involved more of a loss in appetite, so I have no idea. :x

This week is going to be busyy. T__T I have an outline/draft due tomorrow and I have no idea what to write...mainly because I have no idea what the readings that I'm using are about. And I have another history paper due this Thursday :\ This time it's seven pages long (vs five last time, which I BARELY made) so good luck to me on that :\ 

I did my nails last night but I left my memory card at home :x So I can't take any decent pics x__x 

Anyways, I'll update again next time whenever I can :D


  1. Is cause you eat all day ahaha
    jk i love you, your tummy was probably upset and rejecting whatever you ate im sure youll be okie:3

  2. Sounds awful! I can relate though because I did the exact same thing.. I just continued laying there hoping it would disappear, but it never did until I got off the bed lol it's probably nothing, but it sucks :p

    1. Lying down felt like it made it worse ;__; Then again it was uncomfortable no matter what. Yeahh it came back again the next night :\ But luckily it's gone now!