Thursday, October 25, 2012

Not My Week :(

Quick post;

The week hasn't even ended yet and it already feels terrible. I mean things are like that depressing but there's like these little things everyday that gets to you.

Tuesday I had a math quiz and it was like the easiest thing ever, except I was careless and couldn't spot that I was doing it wrong. And I had JUST done the same exact problem 10 minutes prior to taking the quiz. (It's only one problem long.)

Yesterday I found out that my laptop is like breaking apart literally. I've noticed that the plug for my charger has been slipping off a lot lately and I finally figured out why when I piece of my laptop fell off.
Now there's like this giant looking hole in my laptop. It's more like 1.5" long though, keeping in mind that the Ethernet jack already had a hole... but you can see it like bulging out already, so I dunno. It's just the start of it breaking apart and the thing is I just got this laptop a bit less than 2 months ago before school started too :\ Feels like I wasted money and should've just went with the other options that I was considering.

This morning I just missed the van to get to my work. We get picked up in the mornings so yeah.. I texted the driver that I was running late. And I actually got there probably less than 5 minutes after she did too. Right before I got off the bus to the location to get picked up she pulled away and left cuz she though I was in the van already... -___-

Not the best way to start my morning. Now I'm awake at like 8:00AM for no reason and too lazy to head back to my dorm since it's an annoying commute. I don't even have class until 12:30PM so yeah... :\

Last but not least I feel like I'm catching a cold again. I need those little tissue packs, not sure where all mine when since last time I bought them I went crazy and stocked up. But yeah I've been miserable with a runny nose for the past few days. For the past two months, I've been getting sorta sick on and off where I'd have either a runny nose or or a sore throat that just goes away after a few days.

Anyways, done with my rant.


  1. Ahh, looks like you had a really unlucky week..
    Stay healthy because being sick while you live alone sucks :-( Also seem like you might need to invest in a new laptop. hate when new things do that! Feeling regret is just worst.

    Let's hope for a better next week! (^0^)/

  2. You needa relax boo especially since you messed up on your quiz lol. Dont be careless! You know you are smart and can do it!
    Lmao your laptop is nothing compared to mine. If i unplug it it will stop now its plugged in and says its not charging at 0 percent but it still works lmao and the fan is extra loud haha! Its time to get a new one! I wish they werent so expensive tho ;/
    Take some medicine girl, i was dying this weekend! I hate having a runny nose :/