Friday, March 14, 2014

Liebster #3

This is my third time getting this award, thank you Hazelnut for nominating me! Check out her blog [here].
Here are the official rules. I'm just going to do the facts and answer the questions though because I've ran out of people to tag rofl.

-Post 11 facts about yourself
-Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you
-Choose 11 to nominate (who have less than 200 followers)
-Write 11 questions for your nominees
-Let your nominees know!

Facts: (I hope I don't repeat any from before; too lazy to check)
1. I've never watched any of the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings movies before
2. I started fencing last semester. My weapon is foil.
3. I have gone out of the USA four times, but I only count one of them.
4. These past few months, I've broken out the worst my face has ever been. I suspect it's from fencing because you get sweaty from the mask :X
5. I've been the same height since I was about 12.
6. I'm a hoarder, probably anything you can imagine
7. I have terrible vision, and it's still getting worse
8. I'm the oldest girl from my mom's side, and I think the second youngest from my dad's side
9. I can sleep anywhere easily
10. I've wanted a tragus piercing for years, and I MIGHT do it this year if I go through with it. And if my tragus isn't too small...
11. I used to want to have a dog, hamster, and fish as pets. I still go through phrases of wanting them sometimes :D

Questions to answer
1. Would you rather go to the future or to the past, and why? 
Not necessarily go to, but if I had to choose then the future because there's more to look forward to. The past already happened, so why go to it? It's not like there's much to go back to anyways since I was a child.
2. Which would you choose: time travelling or teleportation? 
Teleportation. Much more convenient.
3. How did you start blogging and what keeps you going? 
I started...with Xanga and it's been an on and off thing for me. After that, I had a Livejournal for a bit then eventually I made this blog. It's just a social outlet for me, and sometimes it's for times when I want to procrastinate or not sleep.
4. What is a pet peeve of yours?
When people crack their bones. It grosses me out. 
5. Do you prefer the mountains or the sea? 
Aesthetically, mountains because the sea is just a body of water. Then again mountains are just rocks...
6. What is your favorite type of makeup product? 
I don't use any ;x
7. What are you thankful for today?
That I made it to my bus. 
8. Would you rather learn all of the languages in the world or master all of the musical instruments in the world? 
Languages :D I've always been interested in different languages.
9. How would you spend a perfect day? 
Getting up on my own, maybe go out, eat and shop, then come back home to relax.
10. If you could be anything in the world, what would you be and why?
I dunno.. I'd probably stay as a human if that's what the question is asking lol. I don't see any reason to be anything else because I feel that we're the most "advanced."
11. What is your favorite snack and drink?
Ramen if that counts as a snack.. and I like Kool-aid :D 

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