Friday, March 21, 2014

Winter Break: Reuniting with a High School Friend

Day 14: January 8, 2014, Toronto
The first thing we did after waking up was getting breakfast at Wanda's Belgium Waffles. I was happy because they accepted Discover. It was pretty decent, but considering we all got a crepe, eventually it was really overwhelming.
The day mostly consisted of walking along Yonge and exploring the city. It was really weird because at some point that drunk Irish man from the day before saw us on the streets and called out to us.. 

The main plan for the day was meeting up with a high school friend, who was working in Toronto for a co-op. Meeting up was a bit awful because we didn't have wifi/data nor could we call, so it was difficult meeting up. After a while, we were able to coordinate a general location to meet up (Toronto Eaton Centre), but not specifically where in there. 
So after a bit of looking around, we got dinner at a sushi buffet restaurant. I forgot the name of the place though, but it was pretty good. The hot dishes were a bit bland though. 

We went back to our inn and basically just stayed up a bit hanging out, playing games. Our friend ended up staying over as well. That Irish man came knocking on our door twice though, wtf. Of course we knew better than to open up, BUT WHY IS HE SO CREEPY?
At some point, we made a late night run for some poutine, scratch tickets, and beverages. I broke even with the scratch tickets :)

Anyways, it was a pretty enjoyable night, getting to catch up with everyone.

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