Saturday, March 22, 2014

Winter Break: The Last Day

Day 15: January 9, 2014
The very last day, I had a bit of trouble waking up in the morning so I rushed to get ready to check out of our inn. By the way, we stayed at Knights Inn Toronto. There are horror reviews that I read about, which I read afterwards, but it made me a bit biased/sketched out the whole stay. We didn't have any issues with the room, and didn't see bed bugs or rats or whatever. The only issue is that the shower is tiny. It was pretty cheap as well and they have free wifi. 

The plans for the day was grab breakfast and then head to Pacific Mall, which was over an hour away.. it was quite inconvenient not having a car. 

We went to Chaulau Dim Sum for breakfast. The portions were so-so and it was pricier than what I'm used to, but maybe it's average price for Toronto. The decor was really nice and clean though.

Next stop...Pacific Mall! We took the train and transferred onto a bus to get there. It was a long journey, but luckily we didn't get lost =)
Last time I came, I really enjoyed the mango slush from Real Fruit. It was still good, but it wasn't as good as I remembered it to be...
Got some wonton noodle soup. I didn't realize that there was another food court at the other end of the second floor, so I thought the choices were limited. :( 

Anyways, towards the end everyone was just super tired. I only bought food and these toothbrush holders. Our bus back home wasn't scheduled until 9:30PM, so we had to plan around that, to some extent, where we can go straight to the terminal. When we arrived, turns out our bus filled up so we had to wait for the next one..which came shortly after. The wifi was broken though, but fortunately, the border wasn't too far off. I think I slept throught most of the ride? I don't even remember anymore.

Oh yeah, crossing the border wasn't bad at all. It was just grabbing my luggage and answering some questions (where am I staying, how long will I be there, etc.) and passing through. It takes minutes and most of it is just waiting for everyone to finish. One of the officer people were actually from my city too, so it was such a coincidence. 

But note to self: next time, don't plan trips around my departure time. It was such a bitch having to lug everything around because it was inconvenient and heavy. I'm not sure how much easier a rolly bag would be, but surely it'll still be inconvenient. So next time I would rather just head straight home from wherever I'm staying. And not being able to rent a car is so inconvenient. 

This concludes all my winter break activities...over two months later. I shouldn't have anymore overdue posts. So until next time!

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