Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Love from the Star

I started watching My Love from the Star (별에서 온 그대) on my way to New York on Monday. I ended up killing my phone watching it because I couldn't figure out where the outlet was lol and after I did, it stopped working :(

ANYWAYS, I was curious about this drama after reading an article about the Chinese government making a comment about Korean dramas and referenced this one. Soon afterwards, it was mentioned in another blog, so naturally, I was drawn to this one when I was deciding what to watch to kill some time. 

When I first read the description, I kinda just skimmed it and saw that it was about an alien, so it was kinda wtf. But after watching it, it's not really as weird as it sounded and kind of just helped the plot flow. The male lead is played by Kim Soo Hyun and tbh, he was really derpy looking in Dream High (which I still never finished) BUT BUT he's completely different in this drama and more stoic. 

Up until episode 5, the plot was sort of slow and it didn't seem that interesting. I don't really know what kept me going, maybe it was the darker side to the story. But after that, there are definitely some heartwarming scenes here and there. Sometimes the female lead is just annoying and selfish though.

I'm not sure if there was anything particularly special about this drama, but I liked it, sooo I would give it a shot. 

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