Saturday, August 30, 2014

City God Temple, Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai World Financial Tower

August 27, 2014
Today the group met up to take the bus to the train station to take the subway for the first time here. We use this public transportation card for the bus, subway, taxi, etc.

We went to City God Temple first and apparently it's in the heart of Old City. People still go there nowadays to pray for anything basically.




Got some incense for 5元

Had some free time to roam around the Tourist Mart, so I went to find some food.
My skewers were 60元, which is crazy expensive for food because I can buy like an entire meal for <20元 easily. It was also cold and greasy >:(

Next stop was Yuyuan Garden (豫园)which was like a place dedicated to this guy's father. It's like the houses that rich people lived in back in the days, as seen in Chinese dramas.
 Fed fishes and gave away the extra pellets to little kids
 The place is known for its rocks that has holes or something. This particular one was supposed to be super famous.

 At 1:00PM it was time for lunch at a restaurant called Lubolang (绿波廊)
Lotus root with sticky rice

Next we went to the Pudong area via subway to visit the Shanghai World Financial Tower, which is shaped like a bottle opener. I didn't actually take a photo of the place though, hmm... 
 Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which to me is like a landmark in Shanghai that's easily distinguishable in the skyline.

So inside the SWFC:
They had this cool model of Shanghai and played the background and adjusted the lighting as it fast forwards along the day, so in the pic that's the "view" of the city at 6:46PM.

We went on the 94th, 97th, and 100th floor. They were all more or less the same, just gives the city view a different angle. 
100th floor view

For dinner, we went to a Hunan cuisine restaurant called Guyi (古意湘味浓)
Lamb ribs
Some sort of fish that people didn't really have too much of... I was hesitant too because it seemed like a lot of work and somewhat big, but it was actually really good and fresh! 
 Sticky banana balls which burned my tongue.. you take a piece and dip it into water so that the caramel or whatever hardens.
Night view of the Oriental Pearl Tower

Four of us were going to take a cab back, but we were told after the rest of the group left that it'll be hard to hail a cab at this time because we're right downtown and it's rush hour, so we opted for taking the subway home. It was a bit odd because I ended up getting home before my roommates, who left before us to take the subway home, but they took the bus the wrong direction >_<

Ahhh, trying to keep up with all my entries to make them as concurrent as possible, but I'm usually out and about for the whole day and by the time I get back, I pass out. 

Well, until next time!

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