Monday, August 25, 2014

Shanghai: The Flight There

I woke up around 4:30AM to get ready and finish up with last minute packing and headed out by 5:30AM. I got through security and everything before 7:00AM and my flight as at 9:15AM D: So I had so much time to spare. Going through security didn't take long or anything, just as if it was a domestic flight. So I had to switch at Detroit and before the plane even took off, I knocked out and didn't really wake up until after the plane had landed danggg. 

Then the second leg of the trip, I didn't spend too much of it sleeping. I ended up watching About Time, Taken 2, Despicable Me 2, and Meet the Millers. The plane has personal screens for everyone and had a good selection of movies, too. About two hours before it landed, I got a bit nauseous, so I tried sleeping it off, which helped a little. I think I might've just had to burp it off and also there was a bit of turbulence. 
They fed us well (1 light snack, 1 medium snack, 2 meals) plus came around a lot for water. At least once or twice between each meal + during the meals. 

Got off the plane around 2:30PM the next day and going through immigration was a breeze. I just had to fill out a slip of paper with basic information (name, address, signature, etc.) and I was done in like 2 minutes. There was a bit of a wait though since there were a lot of people at that time. My checked bag got really dirty someone wiped yellow chalk all over it or something. 

Then I waited for the rest of the students to come in on the group flight, but they weren't getting in until it was a 5 hour wait. I ended up watching a few episodes of Glee and got really sleepy at some point so I just slept. But then there was like a 1.5 hour delay on their flight so more waiting D: and then had to wait for them to get off the plane, go through immigration, and get their baggage. 

So did not get to the apartment until not sure if it was even worth the wait. I decided to wait because I figured there wasn't much to do in the apartment anyways, aside maybe sleep. I assumed there was no internet there, too. So this way I could meet up with everyone + save money on the cab (and maybe getting scammed) since they provided a bus that took us there. 

Did a midnight run to the local convenience store. I think depending on what you buy the stuff is cheaper? I bought a celebratory drink, bottled milk tea, and 2 rolls of paper towels for 26¥ (~$4-5). 

Anyways, kinda excited to at least walk outside or something tomorrow so until next time!

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