Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The First Real Day in Shanghai

Today was the first day of orientation, so going over some information, contact information, and whatnot. I only got like 3.5 hours of sleep so was kind of tired at some point randomly, but it wasn't because of jetlag. I stayed up cleaning up the room and unpacking even though I was ready to go to bed. 

After the orientation was a lunch at Fuxuan Hotel with everyone else, which the school provided for us. Then when that was over, I went to the phone store to get a data plan. A prepaid one is relatively expensive though (10RMB per 100MB) so I opted for the 50RMB/month for 1GB, which is a better deal for sure. But I asked around and apparently even with frequent usage, they use only 150-200MB a month, so I'm not even sure if I need so much data, but in the States I definitely do.

Went to Walmart at 五角场 afterwards to get some basic supplies and everything was pretty cheap. At first I only saw the first level so I was very unimpressed and weirded out that Walmart only had groceries but turned out they had a couple more floors.
Bought everything for 118RMB (~$20) but forgot toilet paper!! So apparently when you go out you need to bring little packs of tissues because public bathrooms do not have toilet paper. 

Got dinner with 7 others at a local restaurant so it was like a family styled thing. Total for dinner was 16RMB (~$2.50) not bad, not bad. 

Dunno if I'll end up spamming the blog if I do a day to day sort of thing, so let me know which you prefer? 

Anyways, tired now so going to sleep. Until next time!


  1. I prefer that you spam both your blog and instagram :)
    Happy for you. Must be hella exciting to be in Shanghai. Wish I could some Chineseee..

  2. I agree with Sally, spam your blog and instagram! I'd love to see what you do day to day in Shanghai!