Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tale of Two More Incidents

Written three weeks ago, but forgot to publish:

Just my luck lately, right?

I was driving and on a split to the freeway. I was on the wrong lane so I switched over to my left and the woman to my left (2 lanes from my original position) and behind me started honking like crazy. Then a minute afterwards she drove over into my lane right in front of me and decided to give me a brake test or something D: I'm so lucky that I was paying full attention at that time and stopped right in time or I would've hit her because she pulled up literally an inch in front of me. To make matters worse, right after she did that, she switched back into her lane on the left and sped off. Wtf who does that. If I had hit her and the person behind me wasn't paying attention, they would've hit me too. And worst of all, since I would've rear ended her, it would've been my fault, technically. -_- 

Other incident was kind of minor. So I slept sorta later than usual last night. I fell asleep at 11:45PM. My dad calls me at 11:50PM and 12:20AM, and I didn't pick up either because it was on silent and I was also asleep. 10 minutes later, he stands at my door, and starts calling out to me WTF. My room was dark, too. And of course I woke up and I couldn't sleep anymore because I was so mad he woke me up like that. So I went to scold him and he tells me, "I thought you were out and I wanted to see if you were home." Seriously? What kind of logic is yelling into a dark room? If I wasn't home then obviously I wouldn't answer and if I was, obviously I would be asleep. 

And on the topic, it does get annoying that he calls me often asking where I am. 90% of the time he's not even home, and I am, so it's just annoying. Like why are you checking up on me at 7PM? Maybe it's a parent thing, but I'm at the age where I find it annoying. 

Anyways, I'm so tired now :( been sleeping later than usual the past two days. I actually sleep like a normal person now lol.

Until next time!

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  1. owowowow your dad sure likes to keep an eye on you huh o____O I don't think I could handle that.. Like.. No I wouldn't be able!! Does this happen a lot??