Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sichuan Food and a Night In

August 29, 2014
Had a morning meeting for orientation about the internships and upcoming trip to Yunnan. It was raining and I still didn't have an umbrella yet :( We met up relatively early but still ended up late walking to the building. My shoes were killing my foot because it was cutting through the back of my foot. 

Afterwards, we had lunch at a Sichuan restaurant.
Even though this was just cabbage, it was my favorite dish because it had that very very slight burnt taste to it that made it yummy.

Went to Walmart at 五角场 to look for new sneakers and boots for the trip (because we'll be hiking), but couldn't find any :| Ended up buying some necessities, like toilet paper, slippers, snacks, etc. 

Got back and was kinda tired already. The group were planning on going out downtown to, and I ended up staying in instead. I heard from my roommate it was really weird though, like full of German students, fake alcohol, and people leaving early. She was back home before 1:00AM and she left around it didn't seem to last long considering it was a ~30 minute cab ride.

Wasn't much of an eventful day.. since orientation is starting to wind down. 

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