Sunday, August 31, 2014

Super Tiring Tour Around the Bund

August 28, 2014
So the activity for the day was touring around the bund and we learned about some of history of the hotels and banks, and all the other buildings that we went into. We had these French tour guides showing us around. Left my SD card in the apartment so had to take photos with my phone. Turned out I actually stashed an extra in my handbag -_-
 Some residential area in a back alley.
View from the Peace Hotel
Suzhou Creek

Walked to visit this former slaughter house for like cows. It's modernized to be a shopping center of some sort now. By then, we had already walked for like over two hours and I just couldn't wait to be done with the day because my feet were hurting from all the walking the past few days.

Finally at 1:00PM we went to Jujube Tree (枣子树/zao zi shu), a vegetarian restaurant for lunch.
Address: 258 Fengxian Rd, Cross street Jiangning Rd (Behind Westgate Mall or Meilongzhen Guangchang)
枣子树, 奉贤路258号,近江宁路, 在美龙镇广场的后面
 Guess I didn't take that many photos of the food :X Some of them were good, but then in the end all of them all started tasting the same because a lot of dishes were like tofu or bean curd based or something.

Walked around Nanjing Road because we had some free time before our destination. We found this place called Han City or Fake Market on Nanjing Road (W), so I tried buying a laptop case, but that didn't work out. 

Went to Propaganda Poster Art Museum, which belongs to a private collector and it's kind of a small room full of posters from the time of the World War through Cold War sort of era. There was also a gift shop that had like originals for sale, including posters, pins, and even the Little Red Book. 
Address: 868 Huashan Rd, room BOC 徐汇区 华山路,靠近复兴东路

Had about half an hour or so to walk around the Former French Concession Area. Got bitten by sooo many mosquitoes during this time.

Met up with the rest of the group at Baoluo, a pretty fancy looking restaurant. Maybe it was because we sat with the vegetarians, but most of the dishes were vegetables D: We only had two meat dishes.. but then again I thought we split the dishes all in half with the other table because we didn't want to have too much since there weren't that many of us and we were all still full from lunch.
Address: 271 Fumin Rd at Changle Rd 富民路271号, 近长乐路

Took the bus back and stayed in for the rest of the night. Some of the girls wanted to do face masks and wine, but I was superrr tired D: So wasn't sure what to do, but then in the end they canceled it because they were tired too :x

Anyways, until next time! I'm almost all caught up with stuffs I want to post :X

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