Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer 2014 New York Trip

Was just about to type up this post when I realized that I didn't go on an annual New York trip at the end of July with friends as I normally did in the past 3 years(?). 

I went to New York on Sunday night (8/10), even though I was originally planning on going on Monday morning, but my mom wanted me to do earlier >_> Super stressed that day because I had no time to do anything and ended up flaking on one of my friends and luckily my aunt came over to drive me to the station and help me pack. Even as I was rushing out of the house, I ended up dropping a container of this herbal tea and it broke D: So I only had time to pick it up and throw it into the sink without cleaning up the mess. 

Primary reasons for this trip was helping my aunt get her visa and visiting friends from college. I got up in the morning to go to the consulate and within 5 minutes I was out the door because apparently you HAVE to have your flight and hotel booked before you can apply for your visa and my aunt had not done that, sooo it was such a waste of time going there! It was super sunny and far too. 

Not only that, but I wasn't supposed to meet up with my friend until 2:00-3:00PM but it wasn't even noon yet! I didn't have the keys to go home and by the time I did get back it'd be almost time to head out again, also waste of train fare.

So I ended up going to a Starbucks for like an hour or less. Apparently they charge for refills now too :O Whaat. Then decided to go to these bead stores on 6th Ave. I actually ended up walking in a huge circle because of that detour I took to go to Starbucks D: 

So spent maybe one hour in total in those stores as I waited for my friend to come. Ended up spending like $30 on a few things >< And I still feel like I don't have enough to make anything either.. didn't realize it was such an expensive hobby. I was kinda into crystal beads at some point and kind of got interested into more of the jewelry aspect of it, but nothing ever actually came out of that. 
After meeting up with my friend I went to Kambi and got their basic spicy ramen. It wasn't actually that spicy though, and I was super full halfway through, probs because I've cut down on the amount of food I've been eating lately, even though normally I'd probs have like two servings or something. 

Then went to Mango Mango for drinks and it was actually pretty good, though the crystal jelly was kind of weird. Then went home. My feet are so tired from walking all day :(

The next day considered of going to Joe's Shanghai and Cha Chan Tang for food. Then as nerdy as it sounds, we went to a PC cafe afterwards because we didn't know what to do. It was a lot cheaper than I expected ($2/hr) though the place was pretty hot.

It started pouring an hour before my bus though and I had to help my mom and aunt get pastries so that wasn't very fun. But yeah, that concludes the trip, so until next time!

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