Friday, June 1, 2012

Raspberry Panna Cotta!

Wednesday I went to go order my corsage and boutonniere for next week! :) I went to the same place as two years ago.. I absolutely hated the boutinniere I received last time because it was so plain and fugly. And was super disappointed that my corsage was a bunch of random flowers.. I WANTED ROSES :( But in the end I decided to give the place another chance and this time I specified what I wanted. I explained to the lady exactly how I wanted it, but on her receipt all it said was like "BN pink rose" or something, so I have a bad feeling about this :( It was $25 for the corsage and $20 for the boutonniere. I think that's cheap/standard for a corsage? I've seen a lot prettier ones before, but I have no idea where they're from. But I'll be picking it up next Tuesday, the morning of I'll show you then!
Wednesday lunch :) Extra large bowl of pho. Taken from my Instagram..should follow me on xlila if you haven't :D

Anyways..I've added something new to my list of favorite desserts! Panna cotta!

I dunno about you, but it sounds very fattening because it's made with a bunch of buttermilk and heavy cream. I looked at the carton for buttermilk and it didn't seem bad at all..but heavy cream sounds like something to be cautious about. I threw away the carton before I got to look at the nutrition facts.

Either way.. I'll definitely be making more in the future :) Next time with reusable mugs/cups because it's only going to be me eating I have no reason to dump it out when I can just eat right from the cup. I used styrafoam cups this time (I know, bad) and it seemed like such a waste.

I found the recipe online and it's fairly easy to make. Most of it is just mixing and such. The only time consuming part about it is waiting for it to cool and harden which the instructions say 6+ hours. I made them at night and just left them in the fridge overnight.

I also had my check up. Sadly.. I never lost that extra weight I gained after coming back from Canada :( -cries- I wish I did just in time for my physical lmao. My doctor keeps telling me that I'm like the perfect weight, but it changes every year and she tells met eh same thing LOL. I also had two tubes of blood drawn :( I haven't had any drawn since 2007... and I didn't even remember that time. 

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