Saturday, June 2, 2012

Food & Shopping Haul

Here's some food spam <3
The guy was so nice :) We only ordered a volcano roll and he gave us the other two things as compliments. And made the lemon thing look so cool like a snail!! :o And then later on he offered us octopus too. :)

And now I have some haul pics from almost two months ago from the stuff I ordered. I took the pics way back but never got to uploading them. I didn't take a pic of everything though, so it's only like half of it.
Dotted Bow Back Tee $9.80
Peach polka dotted shirt with cute bows on the back :) I debated whether or not to keep it and in the end I did :D It's from 
Floral Fit $8.80
On the model it looked like a dress but when I tried it on, it was like the length of a short shirt. :( I also didn't like how the bottom flared out. I couldn't find the invoice to return it.. I found it weeks after the return period. :(
AE Flared Jersey Cardigan $7.50
A bit shorter than I would like, but it was expected.. not sure of what to wear underneath though instead of a tank all the time.
Old Town (dark heather gray) $9.54
I already have something almost the same minus the lace detailing, but I like lace.. and it wasn't too expensive and I don't have many long sleeves either, soo I opted to keep it.
Hidden Hills (white) $9.54
It was way too sheer and the straps were awkwardly placed and the whole thing just didn't look right. Definitely returned this.
Capistrano (light green) $7.74
New sleeping shorts <3

Okay well that's all for now.. Pooop I need a shopping ban, but I'm still in the mood to shop :(

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