Sunday, June 10, 2012

Senior Prom

I had my senior prom this Tuesday :D I woke up early in the morning to go pick up my corsage and boutonniere. But the boyfriend and I decided to go eat some dimsum first.
Afterwards, we headed to the florist called Chaba Florists. Compared to the first set that I got two years ago, I like this one a lot better. My corsage was okay, I asked for a larger rose in the center, but they went ahead made them all small ones because they thought the bigger one was too heavy and would come off during the night. I also asked for a large center piece for the boutonniere surrounded by smaller ones, but it was made with all small ones as well. So when I asked them about it, the guy just went ahead and made us a new one :) I like the new one a lot better except one of the roses hasn't bloomed yet... The roses weren't that fresh either.. but it was decent. There's a lot of raving reviews about their bouquets, so if I ever needed any, I'll come back again, but never again for boutonnieres or corsages. There are places that make ones a lot prettier and cheaper too.
Corsage $25 Boutonniere $20

The day before prom I went out to find a pair of shoes.. I originally wanted flats so I wouldn't be taller than the boyfriend, but I couldn't find any simple ones, and this pair caught my eyes :) They're 4" with a 0.5" platform and fit well, which is rare for me, so they're definitely keepers!
Photo from
Fioni Kutzie Knot Pump $29.99

We then went home to wait for people because a group of my friends were going prep at my house for prom. I told them to come after noon, but most of them came around 1:30PM. I took a nap in the meantime :) When everyone got here, the boys took downstairs and the girls took upstairs to prep. Stupid boys chipped the surface of my dinner table ):

I did my nails a day or two before prom just so I wouldn't have to rush to have it done and risk smudging it. I dunno why my nails look so round... It looks sheer because I only used one coat of each, but it's a bit less noticeable in person. I also did a friend's nail really quickly. I took the pic right after applying it, so it's a bit messy and only used one coat of each as well.
Revlon Pure Pearl topped with Jordana Glitters Fairy Dust
Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramics Seaside topped with Revlon Radiant

We actually went overtime in prepping. The make up and hair took forever (five girls) even though it shouldn't take TOO long for each person.. I did my own make up (no pics) for the first time, so I'll trust my friends' words that it looked fine D: I get conscious that it looks like I have a black eye or something :x

I couldn't get the flat iron to curl my hair properly ): So it was frustrating and I opted to just go with straight hair since the curler was being used and I was reluctant to use a metal curler anyways since my hair is very prone to breakage and split ends even from using it once. I used a metal curler two years ago and my hair was fried afterwards -__- But in the end my friend just helped me curl it. It didn't turn out too well, the top half of my hair was straight and the last few inches were straight.. so it went straight --> curly/wavy--> straight. The ends were fine because we touched it up to fix it, but the top was still straight. The curls didn't hold either and got undone, but whatever, I sorta liked how it turned out after a while since it looked decent in pictures.
We all took the bus to the location for pictures :D A limo was not worth it because the hotel where prom was held is only 10 minutes from my house and 10 minutes from the picture location, so it would've been a waste of money. We got there around 6:30PM even though we planned to be there at 6:00PM, but we weren't done with preparations yet.

Here's the long awaited picture of myself ;D
Boyfriend & I
Best friend & I

After pictures we trooped to the hotel which took, perhaps 15 minutes? We grabbed some food when we got there. They offered fruits, cake, plain and buffalo chicken tenders, and mozeralla sticks. The cake was so good!!! So sad that I got full already and couldn't eat more cake ):
The music sorta sucked.. but overall it wasn't too bad. I didn't have to spend A LOT of money, but still a decent amount, probably half of what some girls had to pay for their dresses. It was $80/person to attend, and that's sorta average for prom prices.

When it was all over, we got back to my house at midnight. Two just went to pick their stuff up/wait for a ride, but most of them stayed. We had an air bed, but the charger/pump said it had to be charged for at least 24 hours if it's being used for the first time and I thought it was new, so that was a fail -__- It turns out that it has been used before though ): Sooo my friends had to squeeze together to fit the sleeping bag that was opened up to use as cushion. We stayed up until around 4:00AM playing cards and just not sleeping haha.

The next day we all went to get some sushi and then parted our own ways.


  1. Awhh boo <33 You look so beautiful I can't get over how amazing you looked for your prom :)
    I really like the heels payless really is getting nice stuff now a days xD
    Your bf looks so short haha.