Saturday, June 2, 2012

Polaroid Film

All of my polaroid film finally came in the mail yesterday ^__^ I ordered a few sets on my birthday after getting the camera because I only have one pack (each contains 10 films) and that was almost all used up after the first day..
I needed some more because my last day of school was coming up, so I ordered two plain packs from Amazon for $14.61 (~$0.73/pic) and had it shipped with prime :) Then I went on eBay to search for cheaper options for the prettier ones :D

Of the blank ones, the best deal I found was for $35.85 which includes 5 packs (~$0.72/each) and a marker thing to write on the bottom of it. The markers were like $10 for a set, so.. I figured to just get it as a value thing. I got my package in exactly one week and it was shipped from South Korea, so fast!! They left out the marker though, so I messaged them about it. In the end the it costs about the same as Amazon, just slightly cheaper & I get a marker, so I'll stick with eBay for now unless I'm in dire need for the film.. even so one week wasn't so bad.

Next are the prettier ones :) They cost $15-20 shipped a pack on Amazon D: So I tried looking on eBay for them. I got a pack of three Rilakkuma ones for $35.85 (~$1.20/pic) It's almost twice as expensive as the plain ones, but they so much cuter :\ It's the best deal I count find for Rilakkuma without paying $15 a pack.

Lastly, the Hello Kitty film pack. I was able to find one pack for $10.55 ($1.06/pic) and it was the cheapest deal and also I can buy them one at a time without being stuck with packs of three or five. The Hello Kitty ones are from the same seller as the Rilakkuma ones, and they took two weeks to arrive from South Korea as well.

Next I'm looking to invest in the film with a solid colored border. I found a pack of four for $37.74 ($0.94/pic), which isn't too bad, but I had already ordered enough and decided to hold off before ordering more. I hope I can find someone going to Hong Kong or Japan to help me stock up on more because it's cheaper there and online I see wayyy prettier ones.

The film does expire, but luckily I have about a year and a half to use up the film. I read that they're still useable if expired, just that the color will be a bit off, but I wouldn't want to risk damaging the camera. Right now I honestly don't even know if I'll use them all up xD They're pretty fun to snap a picture with but so pricey! And they're tiny too, it's the exact size of a credit card or an ID. I hate to come off stingy, but I'm quite skeptical when people come up to me asking for multiple polaroid shots when I don't even talk to them or if they want one just to have one. For one small picture, they do cost a lot and it's coming from my own expense, so.. :I Especially if I bring it for prom pics, then naturally I think everyone would want one :x

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