Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gilly Hicks & Sushi Sunday

Weeks ago I ordered from Gilly Hicks because a lot of things were marked down and there was an additional 25% off.  I bought two bathing suits from them because I don't have any and it gets inconvenient a lot of times. They were only $9-13 a piece, which is really cheap. 

 Other things I bought.  
 Foreshore Road (white) $14.81  
You can never have too many pairs of shorts! I don't really have many anyways and I think white shorts go well with everything. These fit perfectly so I'm happy :3 
 Rushcutters Bay $15.49 
I'm such a sucker for bows. I finally learned how to retie to bows!

 There were a few other things that I ordered but ended up returning. I got the bathing suits in navy and pink. I returned the pink one because the frills looked weird and awkward. The bottom of the navy didn't have any frills like I was expecting :\ I saw some in the store too, but I had already washed mine and didn't bring it with me when I went to the mall on Sunday return the pink one and another top. 

In stores, I think everything was marked down. Regular priced items were 30-40% off. Redline (stuff already marked down) were an additional 50% off. I managed to snag these two shirts. They were both originally $49.50, but I got them for way cheaper! 
Green flannel shirt $6.45
Blue checkered shirt $6.45

The sleeves for both of them are a bit snug, around the elbow sorta area.. but if I had gotten a bigger size, then the sleeves were more comfortable, but the shirt would've been too wide overall and less flattering.

 We had to leave since the mall was closing. We decided to go eat sushi at an all you can eat place. It's about $21 per person but the thing about this place is that you have to finish all your sushi or else they'd charge you per roll. D:  There was the three of us and we started off with miso soup and seaweed salad. 
 Then they brought out spicy seafood fried rice and spicy seafood udon. They call it seafood, but it's only like 3 pieces of shrimp in there >< 
 Tada!! The main course.  
 After eating about two rolls, we started getting really full and it was awful thinking about trying to finish the rest of the sushi. There was 15-20 pieces left and our appetite wasn't cooperating , so we just sat around trying to finish it slowly so we wouldn't be charged lots of $$$ for not finishing it ):  

 Well that's it for my day on Sunday :)

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