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Day 3: April 19, 2012
On the 19th, I went to the Grand Canyon. This is the second time I've been to the Grand Canyon, but the first time was when I was really young, probably like 10 years ago, so the excitement is as if it's my first time! Here's a teaser ;)
All the pictures can be enlarged if you click on it & you should because they're pretty, especially the panorama ones.
On the way there, it was like a forest! There was so many trees surrounding the road.
We spotted tiny lizards on the mountains!
Most of the trail to get to one point to another are filled with trees and such. It's a very green place haha.
You can hike on the Grand Canyon and I guess pretty much camp there too!
They have mules to bring people back! Probably for those who actually hiked down the trail.
We encountered a squirrel that stayed pretty close to us. I guess it's probably used to people.
One of the many shuttle buses we took. It helps you get around to every "point" and there are different buses (by color) for different trails.
Soooo many trails that we've spotted from above!
Then around 6:45PM, it was about time we started heading to our last destination...
We were told that Hopi Point provides the best view for the sunset at the Grand Canyon!! :) So we had to go there. Since it was like about 45 minutes before sunset and we were just about done, we decided to stay for it :D It was supposed to set at 7:05PM, if I remember correctly.
At Hopi Point you can see this river.. I want to say it's the Colorado River, but I think it's just my imagination because I don't remember the Colorado River being mentioned at all that day :D
Waiting seemed like forever...
6 minutes later...
And then it sets!! It didn't seem to budge at all while we were waiting, but once the sun started setting, everything happened so quickly, within 1-2 minutes! I couldn't quite capture the beauty of it on my camera.. The colors was much more vibrant in person.. I have a better photo on my Instagram (user: xlila) which captured the color better but at a lower quality.. I can't upload it onto my blog now because my phone broke :\ So you'll have to go find it yourself ;D

Anyways, this post is like..over a month late, but that's okay. Better late than never right?! Hope you enjoyed the picture spam :D

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