Sunday, June 10, 2012

Senior Sign Out

On Thursday I had to go back to school to get signed out by all my teachers, guidance counselor, and assistant headmaster. I couldn't fall asleep til about 4:00AM or so and had to wake up at 6:30AM to get to school on time :( In homeroom they gave us these medical stuff that listened all the shots that we have had.. but I actually didn't turn one in from last year and I think I did receive shots >__< Soo when I have to turn it in for college, it's not going to be fully updated :( Uh ohh.

We all had until 9:00AM to get signed out and leave the building. I received my tassle for National Honors Society. Still kind of upset that the day before we took yearbook photos, someone sent out an email saying that the NHS photo was NOT going to be taking place and I received the slip to go the next day, but I didn't because of that email soo I'm not going to be in that picture for the yearbook. I also received my tickets for prize night and graduation (:
There's this food stand across the street from my school, and students from my school tend to loveee their iced coffee.. all these years I've never tried it, so finally on my last day (even though it was just to sign out) I got to try it :) It was good and really cheap :o It was $1.50 for a small.

After everything was settled, a group of my friends and I went to the food court nearby my school to kill some time before heading to iHop :D I ordered a strawberry crepe from their 7 for $7 deal. It came with hash brown, eggs, and bacon (or sausage). I didn't like the crepe that much. It was wayyyy too soggy. I haven't eaten many, but I'm pretty sure crepes are meant to be dry :I I got full before I was able to finish it anyways.

Next we went to Pinkberry for like 10 minutes or so before heading our separate ways. Some went shopping while my group went downtown to kill some time. We headed to Macy's for the next hour or so. Then I went to the bank to ask about this bonus that I was supposed to get but haven't yet. Turns out I'll get it by July 31.. so late. -__-

It was awful there because earlier after iHop there was a guy passing out Pepsi Next and at the bank I dropped it while I was waiting for the next person to help me and the bottom was dented.. then after I was done I got up and forgot I left the Pepsi on the seat (so it wouldn't roll around so it couldn't stand properly) and it rolled onto the floor and it bursted open D: At first it started spraying out lightly like a sprinkler but when I grabbed it to try to stop it, it started to drip more and I got it all over the lady's desk so I had to run to the trash and dump it ): So awkward and embarrassing waah.
Then after running some errands, I had to go to this meeting and I got called in to work from 6:00-9:15PM :( Sooo tired.

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